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Our Story

My name is Chris Drouin and our company story starts back when my grandpa, Lionel Drouin, moved from Canada down to Florida for a better life for his family. Drouin Cabinets became one of the top cabinet companies in Florida with multiple showrooms across the state. I never asked him about Drouin Cabinets or his life before I knew him. He died July 2, 2007, a few months after my second year of college. I still miss him.


My grandpa  helped to spark the desire for owning my own business when he decided to immigrate to this country and eventually start his own business. Like many people, I did not truly appreciate my grandpa till after he was gone. Part of the reason for me being an entrepreneur is because he was. So when my wife, Tiffany, and I decided to start a new video company, we wanted a name that would honor the legacy of my grandpa. There was only one thing we could call it, Drouin Films.   


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